TP85cEstablished in the early 1980s, Wessex Trailers grew steadily to become the leading manufacturer of light trailers in the south of England. This growth has accelerated in recent years as our trailers have become ever more popular.

All these developments are part of our continued commitment not only to improve production facilities to meet the ever increasing demand for our products but to support this with well equipped and staffed trailer centres. This will ensure that we continue to provide a high level of customer service, from the initial enquiry through to servicing and supply of parts and accessories.

Our product range comprises over seventy different trailer types. Their overriding characteristic is the build quality, durability being the operative word. The ability of our trailers to perform their tasks well year after year brings our customers back to add to their fleet. People are always willing to pass on the good news, an important factor that has always driven our development.

The company looks forward to meeting the challenges of new markets, with both proven and new product lines. With our eyes fixed firmly on that future, we still remain a family firm with solid, old fashioned principles, and believe business is as much about people as the product.

As of 5th September 2010, Crossways Trailers Ltd acquired the trading names of ‘Wessex Trailers’ and ‘Pegasus Trailers’. Crossways Trailers Ltd can still supply all parts for Wessex Trailers and all other makes/models of trailers.