Used Trailers

    Price: £2200

    Wessex Twin Axle Van Trailer ( Posted on: 26-03-2020 )

      |  Size: 10' x 5'   |  Max load: 2600kg
    For sale is our ex-hire 10' x 5' Van Trailer.

    This trailer is in fantastic condition, tidy in appearance this twin axle trailer has a 2600kg gross weight with a payload of 1900kg. A great, robust trailer with many uses. Plenty of tie down points internally with 6 x recessed lashing rings and 4 x cargo trailing rails across both sides. The bulkhead in the front allows the nosecone of the trailer to be used as an additional storage solution.

    This trailer additionally includes two security features, the ramp tailgate has a locking mechanism to ensure the enclosed good are secure & also the coupling head has locking capabilities when used with a barrel lock.

    Our used trailers are serviced thouroughly to ensure value for money & quality.

    IMG_20200324_144224 IMG_20200324_144308 IMG_20200324_144327

    Price: £1895

    Ifor Williams Platform Trailer ( Posted on: 26-03-2020 )

      |  Size: 12' x 6'   |  Max load: 3500kg
    For sale is a used Ifor Williams 12' x 6'6" Platform Trailer. This trailer is in good condition, complete with a ladder rack & drop sides. Additionally, this trailer comes with ramps as seen in-picture. The gross weight of the trailer is 3500kg. This is a twin axle braked trailer. Our used trailers are serviced thoroughly to ensure value for money & quality.

    IMG_20200324_141606 IMG_20200324_141619

    Price: £2200

    Beavertail Tildeck Car Transporter ( Posted on: 26-03-2020 )

      |  Size: 16' x 7'   |  Max load: 3500kg
    For sale is our ex-hire 16' x 7' Beavertail Tiltdeck Car Transporter.

    This trailer has a gross weight of 3500kg with a maximum payload of 2600kg.

    Ideal for many heavyweight uses, the beavertail tiltdeck is an easy to use design without the hassle of handling and securing ramps.

    With a manual pump, you will be able to lower the tiltdeck to allow you to drive straight up onto the trailer. There is also a hand powered winch that allows you to pull a car up onto the bed should the vehicle be a non-runner.

    This trailer additionally features a spare wheel mount, fitted with a spare wheel.

    Our used trailers are serviced thoroughly to ensure value for money and quality.

    IMG_20200324_141504 IMG_20200324_141513 IMG_20200324_141533

    Price: £2500

    Wessex Van Trailer With Ramp Tailgate ( Posted on: 26-03-2020 )

      |  Size: 12' x 6'   |  Max load: 2600kg
    For sale we have a Van Trailer with newly fitted sides and a ramp tailgate.

    This trailer features a Spare Wheel Mount complete with a fitted Spare Wheel. The trailer is a twin axle model with a gross weight of 2600kg.

    On the rear of the trailer there is a lockable ramp tailgate. This is an ideal and secure way to transport goods of value. The rear is fitted with prop stands which will stablize the trailer during loading without the trailer being fitted to a vehicle.

    Inside of the trailer there are 6 x recessed lashing rings & 2 x cargo tracking rails fitted to the internal sides.

    All of our used trailers have been serviced, ensuring value for money and quality.

    IMG_20200324_141741 IMG_20200324_141752 IMG_20200324_141807 IMG_20200324_141832

    Price: £2001

    Wessex Car Transporter Twin Axle ( Posted on: 26-03-2020 )

      |  Size: 13'6" x 6'2"   |  Max load: 2600
    For sale we have our Wessex WCT2600 Car Transporter Trailer.

    This WCT2600 is an ex-hire, often complimented for how nicely it tows. This trailer has a Gross Weight of 2600kg and has a generous payload of 1900kg.

    The channel deck design is a weight-saving solution that is perfect for many road cars. The gap between the channels requires a wheel base width of at least 1m. In our experience this is suitable for an extensive variety of vehicles both old and new.

    The size of the trailer deck is 13'6" x 6'2", this trailer features a tiltbed mechanism that allows the user to simply tilt the bed and drive up, without the hassle of handling and securing ramps. This trailer additionally features a manual hand winch fitted with a high quality strap.

    Our used trailers have been recently serviced, to ensure value for money and quality.

    IMG_20200324_122221 IMG_20200324_122153 IMG_20200324_122208

    Price: £1900

    Wessex Single Axle Goods Trailer ( Posted on: 26-03-2020 )

    Here is our superb Wessex 8 x 4 Single Axle Braked Goods Trailer.

    This trailer features a Ramp Tailgate, ideal for use with wheelbarrow, ATV or ride-on mowers.

    Additionally it comes complete with a Mesh Side Kit to optimise the load capacity raising the sides up above the standard 14.5". These are a detachable feature and can be easily removed. The front mesh side features an inbuilt Ladder Rack. This trailer is in excellent condition as it is an ex demo model.

    IMG_20200324_113357 IMG_20200324_113430 IMG_20200324_113442

    Price: £350

    Brand New: Erde 102 Box Trailer w/ Cover ( Posted on: 21-02-2019 )

      |  Size: 102 x 110 x 90   |  Max load: 245KG
    For sale we have an Erde 102 box trailer.

    Brand new, professionally assembled in-house at Wessex Trailers. This trailer is recommended for lightweight use, be it leisure, commercial or agricultural. It features a removable tailgate and a tipping mechanism.

    With a gross weight of 300kg, the Erde 102 can carry a payload of 245kg, which makes it ideal for camping equipment, tip runs and many other uses.

    This trailer also comes with a heavy duty cover which is made from a strong and durable PVC material, with hemmed and stitched corners specifically to fit the Erde 102. The cover is fitted to the trailer with elasticated cord which fits over the cleats.

    A jockey wheel can be fitted at an additional cost. Viewings are more then welcome.